About me

Deed Poll Change

Captain Beany pictured here with legal British Passport.

He has literally ‘bean’ to the outer reaches of the United States of America with participated city marathon charitable endeavours – Los Angeles, Boston and New York on several visits!

Not forgetting the European cities – Paris, Dublin, Brussels and London.

With the deed poll change came the costume concept! In May 1991, mild mannered Barry Kirk decided once and for all to change his name via Deed Poll to that of ‘CAPTAIN BEANY!

It was only after his initial marathon ‘Bean-a-thon’ of 100 hours in a bath of baked beans that his ​​​addiction comic book superheroes in the early 60’s, lead him to formulate the stereotypical self styled costume caped crusading superhero such as Superman and Batman!

​​After various ‘half-baked’ attempts to conceive the caped orange costume design with tights, boots, ‘bean’ specs, and earlobed beansmitter …. our baked crusader, Captain Beany was formed!

However, playing with his intergalactical worldly imagination, he also incorporated his planetary birthplace of Planet Beanus!

 Now what? Well, after deciding that his mission to ‘bean’ down to Planet Earth is to help ‘human’ beans for the ‘beanifit’ of mankind. This full blown beanusian entity had decided to utilise his bizarre antics and colourful persona to raise money for many a local, national and international charitable concerns, healthy eating, keeping active, environmental issues,etc.

To date, the sum of £100,000 with the generous public help over the last twenty  five years, has established the oranged hued one to become one of the most benelovent charity fundraising role models of all time.


The Comic Strip

Farta Trappa

Captain Beany has received an urgent distress call from Planet Earth…..and it’s smelly dangerous!! Apparently, you as human ‘beans’ have a flatulent problem caused by your large corpious amounts of baked bean consumption!

Fortunately, Captain Beany has devised the worlds first and trademarked flatulent odour removal system named – FARTA TRAPPA!

Now see for yourself how your planets future looks more now decidedly bright …. and now less methane free! Phew!

PICTURED LEFT – Captain Beany from Planet Beanus displaying his one and only flatulent odour removal system –


Not on sale at any major superstores on Planet Earth … yet!!!